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Welcome to Scholarship!

As a fundamental pillar of our tripod, the Alpha Pi Chapter works hard to integrate the principle of scholarship into all that are members do! The chairs work hard to provide opportunities and services to further the academic standing of our brothers.

Adult Students

Study Hours!

Join the scholarship chairs for study hours! Every week there is study hours from 6-9pm. Attend for up to three points and for possible specially-scheduled events!

Scholarship Chair Services

Check out what Scholarship Chairs can do for you!


Looking for a way to finance your degree or even just save some extra money? Access the chapter database for scholarship opportunities! The database features scholarships from Penn State as well as independet providers on the basis merit, financial need, and even extracurricular activities!

College Campus

For those looking for heightened experiences or graduate school funding opportunities, fellowships may be the thing for you! Fellowships range from undegraduate experiences to overseas graduate school opportunities and funding. Check the database to see what you are eligible for.

Graduating Students

Graduate School Resources

As a long standing chapter of Phi Sigma Pi, our chapter alumni have provided their previously used graduate school application materials. We are offering free access for the following graduate level tracks: GRE, LSAT, and MCAT. Please contact a scholarship chair to rent out the desired material. 

Tutoring Interest Form

Complete this form to request to be paired with another brother for tutoring! Just put your name, PSU email address, and what classes you are looking to be tutored in,

Thanks for submitting!

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