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Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity's Alpha Pi chapter at Penn State was founded on October 6, 1991.  We participate in campus-wide events like THON and Homecoming while also maintaining a thriving social atmosphere within our Brotherhood such as tailgates, formals and more.  Our social, scholarship, and service chairs organize events like cultural dinner nights, intramural sports, guest speakers, nursing home visits, and animal shelter volunteering. Our events reflect the passions of our diverse Brotherhood and can vary from simple dining hall dinners to skilled brothers showcasing their talents for the chapter. We are a large and growing Fraternity, and there are many opportunities for individual leadership and personal development through our committee chair and executive board positions.


To learn more about our chapter's history, please visit our Wiki page.



Alpha Pi chapter is part of the national honor fraternity Phi Sigma Pi.  The National Council has a headquarters located in Lancaster, PA and oversees over 130 active chapters.  The Fraternity continues to grow each year as chapters are springing up around the nation at popular academic institutions.  The National Council also offers annual scholarships for both graduate and undergraduate students.  Phi Sigma Pi also publishes the Lampadion, a newsletter for its thriving alumni network.



  • Founded: February 16, 1916 at University of Central Missouri

  • 150 Chapters Nationwide: 135 Collegiate Chapters and 15 Alumni Chapters/Associations

  • 54,000 Brothers Total | 6,000 Undergraduate Brothers | 48,000 Alumni Brothers

  • Colors: Purple and Gold

  • Tripod: Scholarship, Leadership, and Fellowship

  • Headquarters: Lancaster, PA

  • To learn more about Phi Sigma Pi's national history and other important information, please visit our national website.

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